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Beginner - Introduction to Playing Pickleball, Rules, Scoring, Positioning and Basic Strategy

Intermediate - Focuses on building a Single Skill

Advanced - Teamwork & Advanced Strategy to help players choose & execute the Right Shot at the Right Time!

All Clinics consist of a Combination of Demonstration of Technique, Cooperative Drills, & Competitive Games

Private Lessons:

1 on 1 Instruction tailored to the Student's Individual Needs, the most efficient route to improvement!

Small Group Lessons (2-4 Students):

Excellent for working on Doubles Teamwork: Communication, Movement, & Setting up your Partner. Includes Post-Mortem analysis of rallies, giving alternative shot selection more likely to lead to success.


Comprehensive 15 hour (5 day/3 hours per day or 3 day/5 hours per day) course covering all aspects of Pickleball. It is a great way to improve your skills, get a great workout (a recent Camper recorded 72,000 steps on her FitBit during Camp) and have fun!

Evaluation & Skill Level Rating Session:

Detailed written report of each aspect of your game

Video of the session

Rating (5.0 is the highest) based on the USAPA Rating System

Great Tool for identifying which skills to work on for quickest improvement