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Why Pickleball Pimp?

The term Pickleball Pimp originated with Matthew Blom who called me his Pickleball Pimp after I organized high-level play for us all over Northern California.

Another meaning is using Pimping to mean promoting (see http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=pimping definition 6). Nobody pimps pickleball around here harder than Doug!

I have helped numerous players find partners for tournaments. I once even put together a Mixed team that wound up beating me & my partner twice in the Huntsman World Senior Games and went on to win Silver medals. Often overheard on the courts:

Player A: I really need a good partner for the XYZ tournament!

Player B: Did you check with the Pickleball Pimp?


I was a big fan of the MTV show "Pimp My Ride" hosted by the rapper Xzibit. I want players to tell me to "Pimp My Game!". Who wouldn't want to add the equivalent of new Rims, a killer Sound System, or a Hot Tub to their pickleball game?

Of course, if you have too much fun playing pickleball you may be in danger of P.I.M.P.